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Science is the pursuit and application of knowledge and understanding of the natural and social world following a systematic methodology based on evidence.


Uses Of Cloud Computing

You may have heard this word too many times, but do you know what this Cloud Computing is, why is it getting...

What Is Google Ads And How Does Google Ads Work

You see thousands, millions of advertisements every day through the internet whether you are watching a video on YouTube or doing some...

कोरोनावायरस: सुरक्षित रहने के लिए कोरोनोवायरस महामारी के दौरान आपको पांच गैजेट्स में निवेश...

भारत में COVID-19 महामारी कोरोनोवायरस रोग 2019 (COVID-19) की दुनिया भर में महामारी का हिस्सा है, जो गंभीर तीव्र श्वसन सिंड्रोम कोरोनावायरस...
NEET 2021

NEET 2021: Will the NEET UG exam be postponed again? Follow this strategy for...

NEET 2021: NEET is the first step to make a career in the medical field. Therefore, more and more every year students show...
Mars exploration

मंगल ग्रह की खोज और लुप्तप्राय प्रजातियों की बचत

लाल ग्रह पर जाने का कार्य हमें एक नया लेंस देता है जिसके द्वारा हम जीवन की नाजुकता को बेहतर ढंग से...
Chamoli Glacier Burst

Chamoli Glacier Burst: Iceberg Breaks In Malari Valley, The Team Leaves For The Spot;...

 In the Malari valley of Chamoli district, snowfall has been reported near the China border. Road construction work is going on in the...
Bowhead Whales

Climate change shows the impact on whales, change your way of the long journey

Bowhead whales move south from the Arctic Sea in winter every year, but in 2018-19, they did not do what scientists are...
5G Network

India will play ‘Decisive Role’ In 5G Era: TRAI Secretary Said

India will play a 'decisive role' in the 5G era due to its inherent strengths in the digital and software space. Telecom...

Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi is the Kohinoor of Hindi Journalism

Ganesh Yugin Journalism is considered to be the golden period of Hindi journalism. Journalists have aroused the service of the country and...
DC Extended Universe

Zack Snyder’s Justice League And The Value Of Director’s Cuts

Throughout the history of filmmaking, movies have been edited contrary to their directors’ wishes. Producers and studio executives often butcher films post-production,...